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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer someone?

It’s easier than you might think. Just log into your account and add your friends’ email addresses using this link. You could also email them directly, inviting them to start their trial version, and including in your message the unique link you’ll find on the invite-friends page.

How much is the discount?

You will save 10% of your monthly charge for every user you refer. So don’t stop connecting; invite more friends! For every ten friends who start a trial, you’ll get a free month.

What if one of my friends registers with CyberSecurity Training, but doesn’t start a trial?

You’ll get a discount ONLY if your friend starts the Trial. Perhaps you can give them a hand getting through the process.

I have made some successful referrals, when will I see my discount?

Your discounts will be credited to you when your friends start their trials and will be automatically discounted from your NEXT invoice.

How do I know if my friends started their trials?

As soon as one of your friends starts a trial you’ll receive email notification. Each email that you get means you have earned a discount. The more notifications you receive, the bigger the discount you’ll get.

Why do i need to provide my credit card info when subscribing for a free trial?

The trial is free, but we want to verify that you're a real person before we grant you access. Once your free trial has come to an end, your paid membership will automatically begin.

How long will my discount remain valid?

Your referral discounts will remain valid until you delete your CyberSecurity Training account (assuming you haven’t used it up before then).

Where do I see my earned discount?

You can track your existing discounts on the same page where you share referrals. Personal account information is only visible once you’ve logged in.

Do I need an active subscription in order to refer someone?

Nope. Anyone who is registered on CyberSecurity Training can refer friends and earn discounts, even if they’re using a trial or an expired subscription.

How many times can I earn a discount?

Awesome news! There is no-limit on the number of discounts that you can earn. Not only that, but discounts can be combined with any other coupon that you may want to redeem.

Is it possible to get my subscription for free?

Of course! Invite 10 friends (and make sure they start the trial) and you’ll get an extra-month for free. Keep in mind that you will be billed with the full price of your monthly subscription the next month if you have no more accumulated discounts.