Introducing CyberSecurity Training Enterprise!

You asked for in, and we have answered: CyberSecurity Training Teams have gotten a whole new revamp, CyberSecurity Training Enterprise!

As a Team Administrator, your new Manage Team dashboard will have a new look:

This new dashboard is designed to give you a snapshot of your team and their activities. The Daily Activity graph shows the amount of lessons watched by your team, as well as the number of quizzes taken over the last 5 days.

You now also have a list of your users and have the ability to search for a specific user using the Search for a Member field.


More than just a make-over, CyberSecurity Training Enterprise allows you to have smaller teams within your larger Team. To do this, click the Organize Teams tab:

From here, you can click the Create Team button to had a new team. You can create as many teams as you want, and they will be listed in the left-hand column. By clicking teams in this list, you can view the users within the team, or adjust the team settings.

The settings pane allows you to change the team name, set a maximum team size (if desired), add Team Leads, or delete a team.

A Team Lead is a role you can assign your users to have the ability to manage just the sub-team, but not the entire account.

Inviting Members

With CyberSecurity Training Enterprise, we've also changed how team invitations work. You no longer have to share a link and password to everyone. Now, all you need to do is copy and paste a list of email addresses, and let the system do the rest:

You can add as many email addresses in the box as you want. They do not need to be separated by commas or colons. If you've already created sub-teams, you can invite the new members directly to the sub-team by using the drop-down menu. Alternatively, Team Leads can send out invites for their specific team.

Moving Members to Different Teams

Once you've created a new team, you need move members to it. To do this, go to the Organize Teams tab and find the person you want to move. Click the arrow to select a new team.

Coming Soon

    In the coming weeks, CyberSecurity Training Enterprise will receive even more updates:
  • Auto-join organizations with matching domain names – with this feature, a user with a matching domain name in their email address (, for instance) will be able to request a spot on your team
  • Training Pipelines – Soon, members of CyberSecurity Training Enterprise will have the ability to create a pipeline of content and assign it to specific users or sub-teams. The Admin and Team Leads will be able to keep track of each user's progress throughout the pipeline, and know if people are exceeding or lagging in their learning.
  • Advanced Reporting – Want to know how many courses a member has completed? Or, do you want to know how many of your students have finished a specific course? Want to aggregate your team's test scored into one document? Soon, with CyberSecurity Training Enterprise, you'll be able to do that!
  • Thanks for being a part of CyberSecurity Training!